Monday, June 21, 2010


My name is Esther Appiah. My hobbies are reading-i have about 3000 story books, watching movies; mostly action movies, skateboarding, drawing, painting, writing poetry, dancing, guitar playing, cooking fashion designing, and sewing.
The types of stories that appeal to me most will have to be Romance, Mystery, and Action. Movies that appeal to me are Action, fantasy, Japanese Anime, and Comedy. During this past year the best Movies I have seen will have to be Avatar, The Karate Kid and New Moon. The best book will be the Vampire and the Virgin by Kerrelyn Sparks. What made this book so good was the action, romance and mystery incorporated into the story and also how the story draws you in to understand and try to feel what the characters feel.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nobel peace prize speech

I really thought that the "GREEN BELT MOVEMENT" speech by Wangari Maathai was a really srong speech and had a lot of motivation behind it. Caring about the environment and taking care of trees is something that's ignored by the majority of the population. She emphasized this and also had made a big responsibility for everyone, especially women. Planting trees not only gives us shelter and food, but it also helps regulate the climate change in our planet. More people are taking action because people like her are stepping up and adressing these kinds of issues that are ignored throughout the world.
i chose to talk about the pictures. i went somali retuarent and all the arise a food they have.i interview one of the emplayee in the restuarent and he told me the restuarent was open 15 years. and cook all the food in every cultures. alot of deferent racial come to the restuarent. when i went their it seems they were so busy. actually he was nice guy he was asnwering every question that i ask him.

exploration 9

the speach that enteresting me most was nelson mandela the end of partheid. when he said" shall we live because we will have created a society which recognizes that all people are born equal, with each entiled in equal measure to life, liberty,prosperity, human rights and good governance."he basically saying that a nation should allow people have equal rights their human rights. the resond he said that because his country had segregation and he was fighting human rights.. he was one of the popular for freedom fighters like luther king. he stop the segregation that was going on in his country and brought the country great change.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Exploration 9: a Nobel speech by Kofi Annan

The United Nations in the 21st Centuary is a speeech by former United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan. Annan starts the speech by remembering the bombing of the World Trade Center, and explains what needs to be done after the incident- what change needs to take place.
Annan warns the world that after the horror of September 11, a new security has flooded everyone's mind, and that instead of working as nations, we need to focus on the individual citizens of the Earth to bring global peace and prosperity. As Annan states in paragraph 6, "We must focus, as never before, on improving the conditions of the individual men and women who give the state or nation its richness and character." He basically says that to weave peace through the lives of all, we need to not just look at a macro perspective, but also look at the micro perspective. We need to look past the barriers of smiley politicans, and wipe the tears off the individual civilains. Only then can we achieve true world peace. Every human being is equal, and so everyone deserve the most fundamental rights, regardless of power, race, religion and culture.

Not much has been done since the speech to aid the situation, because people take the issue too lightly. They do not realize the great impact a better democracy can make- it can make our lives a lot easier by allowing for more prosperity. The issue has redefined the idea of democracy- it has enlarged the idea by stressing the value of every individual than whole nations. After the speech, an effort to allow more people in little cities to vote could be made.

Exploration 9

In the speech "A Planetary Emergency," Al Gore says that everyone on the earth is in jeopardy from the pollution that humans have emitted over the past few hundred years. This pollution is the cause of what we now know as global-warming. Gore informs, "So today, we dumped another 70 million tons of global-warming pollution into the thin shell of atmosphere surrounding our planet, as if it were an open sewer. And tomorrow, we will dump a slightly larger amount, with the cumulative concentrations now trapping more and more heat from the sun." Obviously, this severely effects our planet in a very negative way. Since this speech has been presented, there might have been a slight increase in awareness and recycling; however, if we are serious about preventing global-warming we are going to have to get to a point where there will be virtually no additional pollution emitted. This seems like a impossible task, but once all the nations/cultures of the world (most importantly the United States) gets on board with "getting green," we might be able to make this happen. I think that additional pollution-preventing laws are going to be inevitable to keep our environment safe, though.

Response to a nobel speech

As Wangari Maathai said, "Entire communities come to understand that while it is necessary to hold their governments accountable, it is equally important that in their own relationships with each other, they exemplify the leadership values they wish to see in their own leaders, namely justice, integrity and trust." This quote is a really great issue that affect every country. We as individuals all blame our governments for the foods that we eat, the diseases that we have and even the smells that we whiff through our nostrils everyday. What we do not pay attention to is that we make up the government. We put those foods in our mouths and we are the basic structure of the government.
In everyday lives we all here people blame the president for everything that is going wrong in the economy, even global warming but we as individuals are the people who hate to recycle and pollute the environment not the president. Wangari's speech makes a lot of sense because like telling a person to feel good about his/herself to be confident is the same as fixing our individual leaderships before we can talk about that of the government's.
What has been done about this since this speech? I don't believe much because as humans we feel much more better blaming others than facing the truth so i believe this situation of blame is a long way from solved.
What could be done is us as individuals taking a stand and stop blaming our governments and gear toward building our own individual leaderships, then coming together to help the big leadership in general.