Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Exploration 9: a Nobel speech by Kofi Annan

The United Nations in the 21st Centuary is a speeech by former United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan. Annan starts the speech by remembering the bombing of the World Trade Center, and explains what needs to be done after the incident- what change needs to take place.
Annan warns the world that after the horror of September 11, a new security has flooded everyone's mind, and that instead of working as nations, we need to focus on the individual citizens of the Earth to bring global peace and prosperity. As Annan states in paragraph 6, "We must focus, as never before, on improving the conditions of the individual men and women who give the state or nation its richness and character." He basically says that to weave peace through the lives of all, we need to not just look at a macro perspective, but also look at the micro perspective. We need to look past the barriers of smiley politicans, and wipe the tears off the individual civilains. Only then can we achieve true world peace. Every human being is equal, and so everyone deserve the most fundamental rights, regardless of power, race, religion and culture.

Not much has been done since the speech to aid the situation, because people take the issue too lightly. They do not realize the great impact a better democracy can make- it can make our lives a lot easier by allowing for more prosperity. The issue has redefined the idea of democracy- it has enlarged the idea by stressing the value of every individual than whole nations. After the speech, an effort to allow more people in little cities to vote could be made.

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