Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Planetary Emergency

"A Planetary Emergency" is a Noble Peace Prize speech made by Al Gore, who is the former vice president. Al Gore is an environmental activist and in his speech, he drew our attention to the current climate change issue.
He said, "We are what is wrong, and we must make it right". He is calling for people to change. We human is the major reason for global warming and the rapid climate change. In order to raise our living standards, we do a lot of harmful things to the originally green environment. Today, the concern is how to best utilize lands which is already cleared by massive deforestaion, we ignored the fact that we are the largest greenhouse gases emitters and keep on damaging the natural environment. Al Gore told us how extreme the temperature is nowadays, and how rapidly the glaciers are melting, which cause the rise in sea level and floods in some places. There are tsunamis, earthquakes and different kinds of natural disasters happening in the past few years which proves that the climate is getting worse day by day. There are sayings that the world will end because of the twisted climate but Al Gore's speech made it clear that we still have the chance to make thing right and we should start making peace with the planet and the nature.
I think that there's a lot we can do in our daily lives in order to save ourplanet. We can turn off electrical devices when we're not using it, we can recycle paper and simply go green. Al Gore mentioned that China and the United States are the largest CO2 emitters in the world. China and the United states are the world's leading economic power, however they are also contributing the most in destroying our planet. I think that the government should start making measures for conserving our natural environment and raise public awareness of the importance of environmental protection. We should all contribute in "making peace" with the planet because we are the one who will bare all the enormous consequences if we keep damaging it.

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  1. I liked your analysis on the essay. I like your use of embedded quotes also. I agree with Al Gore that we can really make Earth a better place by working in harmony with nature.