Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Response to a nobel speech

As Wangari Maathai said, "Entire communities come to understand that while it is necessary to hold their governments accountable, it is equally important that in their own relationships with each other, they exemplify the leadership values they wish to see in their own leaders, namely justice, integrity and trust." This quote is a really great issue that affect every country. We as individuals all blame our governments for the foods that we eat, the diseases that we have and even the smells that we whiff through our nostrils everyday. What we do not pay attention to is that we make up the government. We put those foods in our mouths and we are the basic structure of the government.
In everyday lives we all here people blame the president for everything that is going wrong in the economy, even global warming but we as individuals are the people who hate to recycle and pollute the environment not the president. Wangari's speech makes a lot of sense because like telling a person to feel good about his/herself to be confident is the same as fixing our individual leaderships before we can talk about that of the government's.
What has been done about this since this speech? I don't believe much because as humans we feel much more better blaming others than facing the truth so i believe this situation of blame is a long way from solved.
What could be done is us as individuals taking a stand and stop blaming our governments and gear toward building our own individual leaderships, then coming together to help the big leadership in general.

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