Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Exploration 9

This issue effects our world greatly, it is about our world. Every one knows about global warming and it's effects. However, there are skeptics to the theory which makes the process of reversing global warming effects nearly impossible. Al Gore stated in 2007 "70 million tons of global warming pollution was dumped into a thin shell of the atmosphere surrounding our planet, as if it were an open sewer..... As a result the Earth has a fever. And the fever is rising." He goes on to talk about the polar ice cap and how scientists predict that in as little as seven years the ice cap could completely disappear.
Sadly, to my knowledge, not much has happened for this cause. Global warming is a very touchy issue. Many people do not want to deal with it at all. So it take quite a bit of time for any rules or regulations to pass about this hot topic. I think that a lot, however, could be done. We could take little steps to insure our world will not change drastically. We need to take steps to stop or reverse global warming before it is too late for us or even our grandchildren.


  1. I agree global warming is an important issue and not everyone has taken up this issue seriously.

  2. I agree, we need to take the small steps to dealing with global warming rather than ignoring all of the options. It is a touchy subject, but something needs to be done.

  3. global warming does seem like such a big issue. It is so important that we slow down the process or else who knows what the world will be like for our children!