Monday, March 1, 2010

Essay 3 Ideas

One option I have come up with for essay number 3 is to take pictures at the mosque. THe mosque I visit every Friday that I am available is called The Omar. It is located off of North Broadway and every week I see the same woman wearing their usual veils and hijab. Usually I am one of the last to take my spot before the prayer begins but I see the same woman in their same spots sitting next to the same sisters they normally would sit be. As they sit there in silence I always wonder what each of them thinks about as the prayer goes on. I think for myself but then wonder about the other ladies. I think through a picture I could really capture deep emotion and thought.

Another option I have which doesnt interest me as much would be to do prompt 1 from The Essay Connection. Where I am to research 3 Noble Prize winners. I would defintely do Barack Obama as one of the winners because it shows how far our genertaion has come. I need to do more reaserch and see what else I can find. I am sure this will be difficult but well worth it.

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