Thursday, January 21, 2010

Boy, waiting for a school bus

I grew up riding the bus an hour and half to school and home was not pleasant and during those snowy frigid cold mornings were the worst because the bus was usually late due to the weather anyways but you didnt want to miss it.
My favorite part in this poem Is the great detail and imagery "His breath carves little statues out of the cold. A schoolboy's victim to this wind, waiting for a bus beside the road"
Although this could just represent a boy waiting for the bus, I personally think there is more behind the words a boy waiting for the bus. I consider this poem about a boy wait for the path to grow into a man standing, waiting, through the frigid times. When reading this you receive a sense of pain the boy is enduring. I find this very inspiring.


  1. sarah, that line about his breath carving little statues out of the cold, i love that too. it's so original and you can SEE it, or imagine it. i've stood in the cold in minnesota waiting for the bus many times and the poem simply broght me back in memory, too, which was fun. nice post!

  2. we share the same quotes, because i know what it feels waiting for the bus on freezing morning.