Monday, January 25, 2010

Exploration Four

Out of seventeen chapters, the chapter engaged me the most in The Things They Carried was "in the Field". This chapter was to find Kiowa's body and the members of the soldiers tried to find his body without sleeping. Kiowa was one of the important members and he was close to everyone therefore, everyone was very sad that he got stuck in the muck and died. I really liked the teamwork. It made me think how important is the responsibility when Jimmy Cross felt guilty about losing a teammate. Even though Cross did not like to participate in the war, he was doing his job such as writing a letter to Kiowa’s father.

I thought wars are just killing people and countries. However, this book made me think how they are working hard with a great teamwork, even though they leave their families, friends and girlfriends behind. I could not imagine how sad they were because they were forced to go to war. However, they don't show the fear of death in front of people because solders said they are not embarrassed to die since solders are the symbol of the country. Experiencing war will make them stronger not only physically. Each of them works very hard to go home for their girlfriends and families.

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  1. Everyone blamed Jimmy Cross for making the wrong decision walking through the muddy field.But I think that it was a war after all, no one should be blamed particularly. It's really sad but the reality is that cruel. ;(