Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Response to Taking Down the Laundry

The story this poem portrayed is told by a women that is growing older. Her children are getting older and leaving her, she uses the laundry as a metaphor for her children. I thought this poem did a very good job describing the laundry in different ways. My favorite line was
"In a new wind
the laundry billows now; everything
is moving, there's no containing
it. I watch my son's blue shirt pull free
from the line."
This part of the poem is so descriptive, it tells a story that things are changing and the new wind that is blowing are new events happening in her sons life. She doesn't want to lose him, but just like her sons blue shirt he has to move too.


  1. Perfect. This is exactly what I thought. I liked how she talked as if her house was growing larger around her. Full of absence.

  2. This was somthing that I actually did not cath when I read the poem. I compleatly agree and this idea makes complete sense. I thought that her dream was to move to Kansas, but mabee that is a metaphore as well, meaning she needs to move on as well.

  3. I think britny nailed it took the word right out of my mouth although the poem does not specify that the character is a women you just have to assume. As women get old letting their children drift away creating there own lives is hard and this poem represents it wonderfully. Talking about the new events to come.