Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Response to "Boy, Waiting for a School Bus"

My favorite line in the poem is:
"A scattering of snow, spits a boy raw welcome, waiting for a bus beside the road."
I love the vivid imagery that I get when it refers to the snow as "spitting," since I have heard this description of snowy weather before.

Throughout the poem, the language is very strong, but I think it is the strongest in the fifth stanza, where it creates such a vivid scene in my mind. I used to have to wait in the cold for the school bus since my parents left for work early. I would walk down to a friend's house who lived in the neighborhood, and we would stand outside, rain, snow, sleet, or sunshine, and wait for our bus.


  1. I had to do this too for many years, and at times it did feel like the snow was "spitting" at me.

  2. I completely agree with you. Very good imagery, it's almost as if you were standing right there with the boy. I'm sure most people can recall a point in time they had to wait for something out in the cold, whether it was a bus or not.