Monday, January 25, 2010


Exploration Four
chapter two has engaged me the most because it remined me that when i left my dad in back home. the event themes that is important to me in this chapter is when Mrtha and Jimmy run to each other and reunite and still loved her and remember how many hours that they used to spend togather.
This book make me to thing about to go back in Yemen and see my dad, it touch my felling, how much i miss my dad and what a imporatant thing that i am missing without my father. peoplpe struggle because they dont want to loose their close friends because they know how much important it is to be close with their friends and family because they will be their for you when you need their help. The best way is not to be far away from your family and your close friend, stay with them all the time if you can. i feel that its painful to go war and lose you friends at the war. This responsibilities will affect us today if still war going on around the world.
This book book make me to feel the wars that we have around the world included my country Somalia people killing each other without a good reasons both in the past and present war is a war absulatly war is not good for us.


  1. I think you're right. It seems war never leads to any good. It only hurts people.

  2. Wow- I don't know how you can do it. I would go crazy not being able to see my dad. I think it's good, in a way, that you have a strong enough bond to be able to relate it to this chapter, and how much you care for him.

    I also agree with the fear of losing others, since you become so close to them. And I definitely agree- war seems to cause more pain and problems, than actually doing any good.

  3. is kinda hard to love somebody and then you leave them for a long time, so by the time you see them you really don't know what to expect.And i agree with you about war because it doesn't bring any good to the society we live in today and even the ones before us.