Monday, January 25, 2010


in chapter how to tell the true war story was engaged me most when the author said war is hell, but that is not half of it. is thrue because the soldiers were strugling and surviving . they would see alot of troops deying in the war friends because they know each they eat to gether and slept to gether. imagine aperson you was talking last night get shot in next day in the war. am pretty sure they were alot of sudness in war. a war is another name for dead beause you never know if you would die in war or come back savety.
this book make remain me one of my best friend that based away two years ago and it is hard to forget when you lose a friend that closed to you.and i can imagine how these soldier felt when they lost their friends it is hard to forget. the characters in the book don't want came back for the war becouse they feeling embarrassed.


  1. The line about "War is hell" is the same line I underlined in my novel. I like how you point out that War is personified as death here.

  2. I believe what you said about there being a lot of sadness in war. I think that it would be an honor to serve your country, but it would be very tough mentally and physically to do so. The military is not for the weak; it is for people who are strong and respectful of our nation. Leaving my family without knowing if I was going to return would be a very difficult thing for me to deal with. I think it is important to appreciate what the military does to protect our country.

  3. i like the way you pointed out and illustrated about death. The soldiers went through alot of pain sadness,but at the end surviving is what it all comes down to.