Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Poem Response to "Tornado"

Tornado was a very interesting poem. What seemed like a normal day for these nine year olds, turned out to be quite the opposite. The part that struck me the most was at the end when the narrator talks about Lyle and how he caught the fat gray carp over home plate where he had lost so many in the sun. It is just interesting that out of the entire experience of a tornado, the author went back to talk about baseball and about Lyle's catch.
Maybe in the area that they live they are used to seeing a tornado. It makes me think about how a nine year olds mind it a lot less focused on the even of a tornado and more focused on the fact that "Lyle" caught a fish that "had come swimming down / Out of the clouds" (line 27).
My favorite lines from this poem are the first three. "On Saturdays we chose Lyle / Catcher for both sides. / He was one of the slow ones " (lines 1-3). I can easily relate to this because when I was younger all the neighborhood kids would play kickball or baseball and we would make all the slow kids play the positions that no one else wanted to play. So this part is funny to me because I can actually relate to it.

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  1. I like your deep analysis of "Tornado". The part that struck me was at the end too.