Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong

This chapter was one of my favorites not because I'm a girl but because Mary Ann's story made me see how the war can change a person especially the men even though we don't pay much attention to them. This story showed how the war can make you become drawn into yourself. Mary Ann went to stay with her boyfriend Eddie Diamond because she wanted to be with him but her being there close to the war, here perspective changed and she later became one with the forest as O'Brien writes it.
Even though we in general don't pay much attention to the changes in the men in the war, Mary Ann's story made me in particular pay attention more. Like Rat Kiley seeing his team mates dead and picturing himself dead, I see how traumatized Kiley got through seeing dead bodies day after day.
I didn't really pay attention much to wars and how they affected people and also I was not into politics. Though I still I'm not into politics, I now have great respect for the veterans and their strength to stay in the war

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