Monday, January 25, 2010

Exploration 4:The things they carried

In the book the things they carried the chapter that engaged me the most was "Speaking of Courage". The reason why I liked this chapter was because it shows how strong relationships are in life. It shows how a person feels when someone close to him dies. The main event that takes place in this chapter is when Norman Bowker couldn't rescue one of his soldiers named Kiowa. He saw him die right in front of his eyes. Also in the beginning of the chapter O brien shows Norman Bowker driving around in his Fathers big Chevy which shows his life after Kiowa's death. When I read the book i think about one of my friend who died when we were on a vacation in India. People struggle a lot when a close friend dies because they were probably be dependent on that one person and after he or she dies then they wont have anyone to ask for help. This happened with me when my friend died, at that time he was the only person that would tell whats right and wrong, and without him i would always make mistakes in life.
I think the best way to cope with the incident would be to write what and when it happend in your personal dairy.

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  1. O'Brien also shared that Norman killed himself one day at the Y. That shows how much he struggled to get over the death of his good friend and probably over some of the other things that happened in the war. He never truly healed from the death of Kiowa.

    I am sorry about your friend, it must have been hard to lose someone so close to you. I have never had anyone close to me pass away so I cannot imagine how hard it must have been to deal with. I am sorry.