Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Response to 'Boy, Waiting for a School Bus'

I believe that 'Boy, Waiting for a School Bus' was from the perspective of a bus driver. I think that she is describing what the boy goes through while waiting for the bus. I liked the line from the beginning, "A scattering of snow spits a boy raw welcome, waiting for a bus beside the road." This painted a clear picture in my mind because it has great touch detail. I thought "raw" was a good word to use because it is very bitter, cold, and dry. My favorite line from the poem was, "His breath carves little statues out of cold. A schoolboy's a victim to this wind." Again, the sensory detail was very clear in my mind. I really liked this line because I felt that I could see his breath. I felt that I could connect to this poem because I can remember being in the same position that the boy is in. "Knuckle in a glove worn through" reminded me of my older brothers because they were always outside with a hole or two in their gloves. This poem was very repetitive because at the end of every chunck of lines it read, "waiting for a bus beside the road," or "Dawn, a scattering of snow." I liked the use of repitition because it reinforced that the story was about a boy and what he went through as he waited for the bus.

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  1. I really did like your pointing out and explaining of the senses in the poem and also you explaining some of the lines in detail of what you thought. This will give anyone who hasn't read the poem to understand a little piece of it