Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Exploration Four:

Chapter two "love" , has really engaged me the most. Jimmy Cross has finnaly reconected with Martha at a college reunion and spent most of their time catching up, but Cross rememers how he loved her and how they used to spen alot of time together. The love jimmy had for Martha made him go through alot and he always blamed him self for the death of his friend Lavender, because he always fantasies about her, her smooth skin, if she was still virgin, so instead of being a leader he was always thinking about Martha.

In life we have alot of responsibilites and duties, we must feel resposible for our loved ones but at the same time we should feel responsible for our duties. Jimmy had love for Martha but his duty was to lead the Guys and that's why he feels guilt for the death of his friend Levender. Reponsibilites can affect us in many ways, for examble if we don't do our jobs the right way or if we don't take care of our families then we failed responsobility in my opinion.


  1. I love how your explanation of Jimmy Cross's love transforms into today's society of love and duty

  2. Yeah i was surprised because i thought the only thing soldiers think about was killing people but this guy changed my whole perpective. But i don't blame the guy for being in love i would probably do the same thing to deal with stress and kill time. Overall, nice response, just what i expected from you.