Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Response: "Woman at the Wall"

The poem that stood out to me the most was, "Woman at the Wall." I thought it was very short but sweet. In the beginning it was kind of confusing, and I did not clearly understand why she kisses name, but then I realized that it was a mother showing her love. As I kept reading I grew to like the poem, and the way it was written a lot more. "She prays that tonight while she is sleeping." This quote was my favorite because it reminded me so much of my mother, and the love that she has for me. The mother, like mine, and many others, is praying that her child sleeps through the night soundly, and wakes to see another beautiful day.


  1. There is also the meaning that the son is dead, and he is being replaced in an emotional way and not a physical way because he is no longer there. The mother is still greiving and dealing with the pain that she will never see her son again.

  2. I agree the poem does grow on you the more you read. It was a very short poem but very powerful and creative!