Friday, February 5, 2010

"Ain't scared of your jail", an incident that shook History

The Documentary movie "Ain't scared of you jail" succeeds to effectively to show the brutality the college students and everyone else involved in the non-violent direct action movement went through. After suffering years of cruel discrimination, the supressed fear had to come out. The Blacks realized that they weren't anything less than the Whites, and that it was finally time to protest, to howl a cry against the tyranny of the Whites. The only method effective enough to be long term was the non-violent method of direct-action.

In the 4 black colleges of Nashville, which attracted many youngsters to the city, the professors taught the method of direct-action.

It was now time to implement it.

The first protest was the lunch counters downtown. The college students continued sit-ins for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, white gangsters arrived at the restaurant, and thrashed the college students. They bet them up. But the students hung on. They decided to not quit- to endure the pain, so that one day, their fellow Blacks friends may enjoy the rights of the White people.

According to the movie, "The students were forcing people to decide whether the segregation was right or wrong... The Court found the students guilty in disorderly conduct", but they still held on. The students were changing the established laws regarding Blacks' rights.

The most memorable things about direct-action are the graphic videos of the "freedom-riders" dying dirty deaths for their rights.

Diana Nash is a good source in this film because she was herself involved in the action, not just as a "freedom-rider", but also as the leader of the freedom riders.

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