Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Ideas

My first idea is for the photo essay with text and analysis is to document the “regulars” at Nancy’s Home Cooking on high street. This restaurant has been almost a home to many people for many years. The atmosphere is very friendly and the food is simple but delicious. Recently the restaurant has been struggling to the owner’s health and the facilities were also not up to code. But with the help of the surrounding community and many generous donations Nancy’s was able to open back up for business. This story is not only interesting but also shows insight to the sense of community the people of Columbus have. I also there are more than enough interesting regulars to interview and document. I am also taking a photography class at the moment so the technicalities would be no problem.
My second essay idea would concern writing prompt number eight on page 647. It talks about how we can avoid suspicion and paranoia, dividing the world into “us” against “them”. I feel like this is one of the single most important issues in the world today. From this idea countries declare war on one another because of the actions of a small group of people. We must not generalize and create stereotypes, we must think of people as individuals and hone in on a single isolated actions if we ever want to create a peaceful world. This topic is easy to talk about and is an issue discussed among many people throughout the world and I don’t believe I would have any trouble writing and article about it.

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