Friday, February 26, 2010

Final Essay Ideas

The Franklin Park Conservatory
I LOVE going to the Conservatory, especially since the addition of the Chihuly pieces! They are fantastic! It is a really relaxing place to go, and famous for being a hotspot for local weddings and events. It gives plenty of photo opportunities too, which is my favorite part. Every time I go back there is always something new for me, that I might have missed or has been added. The parrots in one of the indoor exhibits are pretty sweet too- they enjoy having staring contests.

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
The zoo seems like such a normal thing for everyone who has lived in Columbus, but we actually have a hidden gem in our midst. The Columbus Zoo came to be in 1927, when it was only a small collection of animals and called the Columbus Zoological Park. It was home to the first gorilla born into captivity, and has one of the few programs outside of Florida that rehabilitates injured manatees. It so full of history and all kinds of interesting animals, and it is an attraction that is visited almost yearly at minimum by locals.

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