Thursday, February 25, 2010

Two Good Ideas for Essay Two!!

My first idea for essay two is to write about Staufs. Staufs is a popular coffee shop in Grandview. I go there allot to study and talk with friends. The coffee shop has tons of regulars. One person that stands out the most is an elderly lady who walks there everyday. She always wears a hat and reads the newspaper, she usually stays for a couple hours. The coffee shop has a huge selection of coffee from all over the world and sells wonderful lose leaf tea. The place is always busy and smells richly of coffee.

My second idea is Foxridge Farm. Foxridge is the barn i ride horses at. It is a beautiful place, lined with white fences and trees. The barn its self is beautiful as well. Its made out of dark wood and the horses' stall doors are shaped in arches, which is very unique. I love meeting my friends there to ride. It is the one place i can go were i know the worries of life can't bother me, all i think about is riding. Foxridge is very well taken care of by a couple people who have worked there for over 15 years. They have everything very well scheduled: feeding times, stall cleaning, vitamins, turnout etc. It is by far the cleanest barn i have ever been a part of. The people there are all horse lovers and will take care of your horse if you need a hand. The instructors are passionate and encouraging. There are a variety of riders: those who are competitive, young riders and people who ride for pure enjoyment.

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