Friday, February 26, 2010

Ideas for Essay Two

Idea 1:
The Sunflower is a chinese restaurant in the columbus area. A lot of Chinese here love the Sunflower because of the nice environment and the delicious food. They serve different kinds of authentic Chinese food, a lot of families enjoys having "Dim Sum" there in Sunday mornings. The design of the restaurant is very oriental, and you can experience the Chinese culture by dining and talking to the friendly employees there. My mom is a close friend to the employer in Sunflower and it would be fun to interview him about the history of the restaurant.
Idea 2:
Godiva Chocolatier is a well known chocolate shop originated in Belgium. Godiva now owns and operates shops all around and world and the high quality chocolate it sells attracts a lot of chocolate lovers. Godiva chocolate is one of the most popular gifts during holidays like the valentine's day, Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. My friend works in one of the Godiva shops in columbus and I will interview him in order to know more about how the shop runs.

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