Friday, February 26, 2010

Brainstorming for Essay#3

My first idea us place called Global Mall located in Morse Road, this is a mall owened by the Somali Community in columbus. This is very attractive to many different races that lives in Columbus, especially the somali people. they find this to be very popular, becuase inside they tend to find many of the things that are related to their culture, such as clothing, food groceries, and even a place where they are able to send money back home.
My second idea is going to be about Lifetime fitness located in Easton. this a wonder gym and many people finded to be very striking and feel like their money is being well spend. there are the basketball courts, swimming pools, jacuzzi, locker rooms, showers, steam room, all located on the first floor and if you go to the upper floor you'll find all different types of lifting equipments, flat screens TV's, and much more.

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