Friday, February 5, 2010

Movie Review

The movie "Ain't Scared of Your Jail" is a civil rights movie that is catching, informative and also paralyzing and inspirational at the same time. The sit ins of the students in this movie was a direct challenge of the south. Ben West was the mayor of Nashville Tennessee at that time. This movie was educational and inspirational because these student were beaten but they still continued their non-violent sit ins without fighting back.

"Mayor Ben West, do you feel it is wrong to segregate people solely on the base of race or color?" Asked Diane Nash, at that time a student of Fisk University.
Diane also continued to say at that time she resented segregation because she felt stifled. John Louis, Angela Butler and Diane Nash were the first three students to begin the sit in.

This movie was an epitome of non-violent direct action. It shows the length and what people will risk for freedom. Freedom Riders, as these students were known as, with all their mind believe they could achieve something with non-violence and they did this with perseverance.

This movie showed me that, even if it's not the fight for freedom, and it's a little thing that you fight for, as long as you believe it's worth it, then go for it. and it doesn't have to involve violence.


  1. I completley agree. You must fight for what you believe, in your mind, is right.

  2. I really like that question Diane Nash asked the mayor too. The students' determination to be free inspired me a lot.

  3. It is amazing what they believed strongly to stop the segregation. And I agree with you, always you should fight for something you belive.

  4. The non-violents acts really did show what people would go threw for their freedom! The students were very inspiring to me, especially how mature they were threw it all.

  5. I agree anything you fight for doesnt always need violence

  6. Its amazing how far some people will go to get things they want. In this case, defending their freedom was something that took a lot of hard work. And they worked hard for it.