Friday, February 5, 2010

exploration #6

the movie"an't sacrred for your jail"was very emtional and inspirational.the moves was mainly talking about the major issue that happened the segregation the state of tanasse.the issue were nonviolence students in the city of nashvile in 1960 during the civil rights movements.the balck were segregatedin the eating in the public restourant. in order to stand their rights they sat in the lunch couner. the whites gave them worning to move the luch couner. the nonviolence students refuse to and they were sat in in the lunch counter for a week. the non violence students beatten up while they were not fighting back.the police came where the fighting was and didn't help them. the student's got arrested. they were not sacred the for the jail, but their parants were worried if the students end up for the of the sadnest think was when 18 years old ask they mayor Ben west in the city of nashvile if it is ok to discrimonated color? he answered" is not a myor sagregated the town ,but is a man who think discriminated is right. in addition the mayor knew that segregation that happend in the downtown of nashivle,but he didn't want help. eventhought the mayor answer the question honest.

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  1. I thought it was interesting that you saw Ben West as a person that 'didn't care'. I thought that many things started to change for the better because the mayor openly agreed to thinking black segregation is wrong.
    It's interesting how people can watch the same video and see different things.