Thursday, February 25, 2010

Essay 3-Brainstorming

Idea #1: Leeno's Cafe
In our culture today "hookah" is used for entertainment. Brought over to America from India and is becoming more and more popular in the Middle East and the U.S. Hookah has a big history and a lot goes into it. It has also changed drastically from year to year and keeps becoming increasingly popular. For most teens and older adults it's a relaxing, different thing to do!
Idea #2: The Cachet Hair Salon
The Cachet is a small, privately owned hair salon. It's a popular place for regular customers and clientele. It's not your everyday hair salon, and definitely not like Charles Penzone or any chain salons. Clients usually have a specific stylist they love and continuously see. Every stylist has their own unique way of giving clients what he/she wants. With an excellent line of products and a happy, helpful staff, you'll want to keep coming back!

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