Friday, February 5, 2010

Exploration 6

After watching a film about the 1960s Civil rights movement in Nashville, Tennessee, I had to think many important things. I could not believe how the town was divided into two because of the race and fact that there were two names on one thing for blacks and whites. Blacks were trying to stop the segregation from Nashville. The most memorable part in the film was when blacks did not fight back when whites warned them to move from the lunch counter, which was a non-violent direct action. They continued to sit for weeks. However, a lot of blacks who did not do anything got arrested. John Lewis said, "Growing up in the rural South, it was nothing to do, not to go to jail. It was bringing shame and disgrace on the family". The blacks felt the same about, just to stop the segregation. They were not afraid to be in the jail. I think the powerful protest was a right choice to do because if they did not cause the action, we might still have segregation today. I think the Mayer of Alabama, Ben West is a good source in the film because he stated "I could not agree because it was a moral right for someone to sell and refuse". Everyone respected him the way he responded about the segregation. I have to be thankful to them what they have done in the past so we have freedom today.

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  1. i agree with you, because the protest was the right thing to do at the moment and they sacrificed their lives. They weren't afraid of anything becasue they felt that it was the right thing to do.