Friday, February 26, 2010

Two Ideas for Essay Three

Idea 1:
My first idea is the Columbus Zoo. I think this would be an ideal plublic place because not only does it attract many people from all over the United States with its animals and other attractions, but it is not rated the number one zoo in the United States. I think many people who live so near take advantage of the fact that it is such a well recognized zoo and that one of the most famous people to work with animals, Jack Hanna, also is the spokes person for the Columbus zoo and started it. It had alot of history behind it and good information that could be gained from everyday people enjoying to go to the zoo as well as the staff and trainers that work there.

Idea 2:
My second idea that I thought would be really interesting is the Indian Caverns located in Delaware. This is a place pilled with so much history that you can actually experience yourself by going under ground into the indian caves. It is a very well known historical site and it also contains trails and other historical artifacts from hundreds of years ago. This site had many different views and stories behind it.

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