Friday, February 26, 2010

Essay Three: Brainstorming

Schmidts Sausage Haus and Restaurant: The place is the one I LOVE to go. It has been showed in Man vs. Food show in the Travel Channel multiple times. It is the place where Bahama Mammas were first made. It is a place with live music, with a variety of its unique sausage recipes that have now become common. Schmidts wows the young and the old with the amazing, deep taste at an affordable price of just $11.99. I will talk to people to know why they come to this place and how it is different from other restaurants, and the owner of the place to know how the restaurant has never failed to wow its audience, let alone the Travel Channel!

Der Dutchman Restaurant: This is situated in German Village. This is probably the most famous Ohio's Amish Restaurant. Olentangy High Schools go there to take a field trip year. I have visited there twice, and every time I admire the of rich taste of the food and the culture that surrounds it. The employees are also primarily Amish, which adds to the attraction of the restaurant. This will be a good project for me, as I will write about how the restaurant is a great ambassador of the Amish culture.

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