Friday, February 5, 2010

Exploration 6:

The Movie called "Ain't scared of your jail," was a very powerfull and emotional movie. it was about a young student who who refuse to fight back and they stood up for thier rights. they was called the non-violant becasue they were no willing for a blood shed. During the civil rights movement in the 1960's the black people in Nashville, Tennessee couldn't eat at public restaurants becase of their color and race. this was very hard to take for the black folks and they felt they had to do something about it. So they went ahead and protest against that. they sat at the launch counters as a group and decided to stay there and not do anything. On febuary 27, they were warned, then comes the police and told them, "all nigros get up from the launch counters, we gonna arrest you." I believe that the students was very scared but they way tood up together was a very memorable about the film. Martin Luther King and the way he encourage the people to stand for what's right was a very good source of the Movie. When the students were taking to jail, they wasn't afraid of anything because they knew that they was doing the right thing. Alice Walker was talking her on the phone becasue she was very worried about her son and he told her, "Mother be cool," it showed us that he knew everything was gonna be alright for the future and what ever it takes would be something to sacrifice for.


  1. I agree that this movie was powerful and it makes you think, "what will I have done if I was one of these students"

  2. Mustaf,
    I also thought that that quote by Alice Walker was important, and really let us know what the attitudes of the individuals were.