Friday, February 26, 2010

Final Essay Ideas

1. I really like Question 9 in the textbook, "What qualities does it take to become a nationally or internationally distinguished leader? What can the rest of us learn from the experiences of the Nobel Peace Prize winners?" I think there are many qualities that I could use on this question that will have a lot of supporting evidence. These qualities are not difficult to have, but many of us fail to be good examples of them on a daily basis. I believe that the Nobel Peace Prize winners demonstrate these qualities all the time, and I really look up to them. Dedication, perseverance, respect, and hard work are just a few that I could use as leadership qualities. 

2. Urban Coffee is a little coffee shop at the bottom of the Worthington Hills neighborhood. I think it would be really neat to take pictures of the shop and to talk to some of the workers. There are probably many regulars and I could go to Urban Coffee early in the morning to talk to them about why they choose Urban above other coffee shops. It is a really cool, small place and I think it would make a great paper. 

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