Saturday, February 27, 2010

Two ideas from prompts

The prompt that jumps out at me first is prompt #9. It seems like this would be a very opinionated essay because there aren't national or international qualities that are defined as optimal. It seems like you would have to talk a lot about peace, but also do a decent amount of research on past leaders that were considered to be great, such as Gandhi, Lincoln, or Caesar.
I was also thinking about taking on prompt #6. It would be fitting to talk about the indispensable liberties that everyone in this country has since we did a lot of reading on this topic. This includes the Freedom Rides from the video that we watched, as well as Martin Luther King Jr.'s letter from Birmingham. In this essay, even poetry could be discussed from the "Ain't I A Woman?" piece that we read recently. With a good idea of what other people in history have thought about civil liberties, it should not be very difficult to combine their thoughts with my own interpretations to produce a persuasive essay.

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