Thursday, February 25, 2010

Two ideas for Essay 3

Idea 1- Handel's Ice Cream
I worked at Handel,s Ice cream for four years, I had a few regulars that I would talk to. We knew each others names, exchanged stories, and I knew their complete order. Sadly, the Handel's I worked at has recently closed, but there are several other stores located around Ohio. I was thinking of going to one and talking to employees and customers. Although I am not totally familiar with a different store I know it would be easy to find regulars. People that go to Handel's Ice Cream in the winter are usually regulars, and obsessed. This would also be fun because I coulds add my own personal input into the paper.

Idea 2- Thrift store
Thrift stores could have so many different people to talk to! There are definitely regulars, but most people come from different income levels. Some people shop at thrift stores because they cannot afford much else. It is an inexpensive way to cloth themselves and family. Other people come from higher income levels, and shop at thrift stores for the "fashion". Finding good deals on nice clothes. Thrift stores have many different roles and functions within a society. I think this would be a great place to find regulars and obtain answers to why they are drawn to this place (all different income levels).

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