Friday, February 26, 2010

Essay Three: Brainstorming

1.) My neighborhood park
The reason I chose the neighborhood park is because so many people of so many shapes, sizes and colors go to this park. No matter what season it might be. No matter how wet, dry, hot or cold it is outside, there is always some one at the neighborhood park. It might be a kid walking around all by their lonesome. It might be a huge group of kids playing a game of "horse," underneath the freshly painted basketball hoop. It could be this same group of kids sledding down the swirly slide. It could be a father and the family dog running around playing fetch. It could even be a new mother walking her barely old newborn in a stroller. The neighborhood park is a place where people can come together, talk about life and enjoy the company. I think the park is a good for the six picture essay because it is a place of color, happiness, uniqueness, and diversity.
2.) Essay Question 10 on page 647
The issue that I would sacrifice my time and maybe even life for is the fight against women being domestically abused and sexually abused. Along with this I would fight for more equality among women all around the world. I believe that every woman has the right and freedom to wear what she wants, be who she wants and not have to worship any man. Many woman have been raped, molested and so much worse, but they are afraid to speak out in fear that that man will hurt them or their family. I want to be the voice for them. I want them to know that it is okay to fight back. That is the right thing to do.

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