Friday, February 5, 2010

Exploration 6

The documentary/film "Eyes on the Prize" was very interesting. The film focused on the college students who were part of the civil rights movement and what they did to fight for the cause. These college students used non-violent direct action to make their point. These were usually sit ins or protests. But no matter what, they did not use violence. Even when the police were arresting them and other citizens were hurting them.
What was most memorable about the direct action the students took was when they decided to march to the Capital building to talk to the Mayor of Nashville. By that point the word had spread to everyone throughout Nashville, not just the students. While explaining the march, Reverand C.T. Vivian said once they got into to town, they stoped singing and all that could be heard was, "the silence of the feet." This was very important. It just showed how many people, black and white, came together for a cause. Civil Rights.
A good source in this film was Diana Nash. She was the person who asked the Mayor, Ben West, his thoughts on segregation. She played a very important role in the movement in Nashville. Overall this film really showed how everyone came together for a cause and stuck together through good and bad. They made it through.


  1. I agree anything they tried to do against segregation was always non-violence.

  2. It was pretty amazing how so many students and citizens marched together to confront the major on such important issues.

  3. I think that it was important that they used only non-violent direct action because it shows that they are civil people and deserve respect. If they were violent, they would not have gained any respect because it would have just shown that they were criminals.

  4. I agree with you, Preston, but I don't think it would have made them criminals. They faced violence all the time. It would have been in self defense.