Friday, February 5, 2010


The movie, "Ain't Scared of Your Jail," was mainly about the civil rights movement and how people of color wanted to have the same alienable rights that that white people had, and what they deserved. I thought that the movie was very powerful, and a great way of showing us and putting us through the hard ship that these miraculous people had to venture threw.
The main purpose of the direct action was to take action without using violence on their part. A great example of this were the events that we know as, the sit-ins. The blacks and some whites who were against segregation, in groups of many people, marched down the street of the town to the local lunch diner, and sat at the counters. Many of the people were described as, being dressed like they we heading to church. They sat there for two weeks without any incidents, but unfortunately on February 27, violence broke out and many blacks were beaten by the mob of white folks.
One of the most memorable events throughout these hectic days, was when an eighteen-year-old woman known as, Diane Nash, asked the major of Nashville at the time, Ben West, "Do you feel its right to discriminate solely based on the color of their skin?" Remarkably, Ben West answered not as a major of a segregated town, but as a man and said that he did not think that it was right to discriminated solely based on someones skin color. He did this knowing that he would be looked down upon by the white people, and yet he chose to be honest and truthful. That moment in itself, was significant and gave hope to many people of color.


  1. I agree with you, the Mayor gave the people of color some hope.And the the eighteen-year-old women, Diane Nash took a very big part of this movement. She had the courage and nerve to ask the mayor such a question and she was very proud of mayor telling the truth and she respected that.

  2. This movie did really make us realize that we are all people and we deserve the same rights, so yes I agree with you

  3. I like your post. Also, I liked the part in the movie where a man says, "I did not know what my mom was hiding from me when I was a kid." In that, he talks about how he would request his mother to take him to a restaurant, and the mother would be forced to deny him. That gives me goosebumps.